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Webinar Recording | Data Products

Recorded Thursday, June 22nd, 2023

Strategies and tactics to build scalable data products

Join leaders from Vertical Knowledge and Facteus to learn about the investments they are making to not only create differentiated data sets but build products that make accessing those insights as simple and fast as possible.

What you will learn:

  • Build world-class user experiences with data

  • Reduce onboarding and data access experience

  • Free up engineering resources to work on core product initiatives

Meet the panelists

Rayne Gaisford
Chief Product at Vertical Knowledge

Rayne oversees the roadmap, development, and deployment of the VK product offering while also managing the Data Science, QA, and Business Intelligence teams.

Jonathan Chin
Head of Data & Growth Strategy at Facteus

Jonathan is the co-founder of Facteus and is responsible for growth and data strategy for the company's consumer transaction dataset.

Jake Graham
CEO at Bobsled

Jake is the CEO of Bobsled. Before Bobsled, he held several product leadership roles in the data infrastructure and analytics space, including at Microsoft Azure, Neo4j, and Saffron Technologies.

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