Modernizing Delivery: FactSet and Deutsche Börse

Join leaders from two of the biggest data providers in the world to talk about why (and how) they are expanding beyond SFTP and APIs to cloud and platform-native delivery for their bulk data business.

Strategies and tactics to modernize data delivery 

Delivery is no longer a backwater. The growth of bulk data businesses paired with demand for alternative forms of fulfillment are stressing highly manual, decades old delivery operations at many data providers. 

Sonia Greenberg from Factset and Dr. Sven Wohlfarth from Deutsche Börse share why they view delivery as strategically important in today’s data market and how both companies have capitalized on cloud-native delivery to grow their business.

What you will learn:

  • Advantages and limitations of cloud delivery (e.g. Snowflake Sharing, AWS S3) 

  • Typical migration path from SFTP and APIs to cloud delivery 

  • Co-selling opportunities with major cloud platforms

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Webinar | Modernizing Data Delivery

Recorded: April 17th, 2024 (10AM ET / 3PM GMT)

Meet the panelists

Dr. Sven Wohlfarth
Director Data Services Operations at Deutsche Börse

Sven Wohlfarth is Director of Data Services Operations within Deutsche Börse where he is responsible for all applications and platforms to disseminate data, to sell historical data and to offer advanced analytics & visualization.

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Sonia Greenberg
Director, PM, Cloud and Managed Services at FactSet

Sonia Greenberg is responsible for the global distribution of financial content with a focus on enabling client ecosystems within cloud and platforms including AWS, Azure, GCP, Databricks and Snowflake. 

Josh Neckes
Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Bobsled

Jake is the CEO of Bobsled. Before Bobsled, he held several product leadership roles in the data infrastructure and analytics space, including at Microsoft Azure, Neo4j, and Saffron Technologies